Unit 5 Tours of Shopping Places

Speaking of Shopping, the ideal places for you are…?

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Read the following passage, focusing on the structure and the way it introduces shopping places.

From the bargain hunters to those wishing to spend an entire week’s wages on one outfit, whatever your version of shopping nirvana is, you can find it in London.

First stop – Oxford Circus. The intersection of Oxford Street and Regent Street is one of London’s most famous areas, but not for any historical reasons – just for the pure shopping bliss. Although Oxford Street is busting at the seams with chain stores like H&M,  Marks and Spencer ,  Selfridges , and Jigsaw, don’t count it out of your shopping expeditions. Even here you’re likely to find something you can’t get anywhere else because the chains are constantly changing their stock. Marks and Spencer (also called Marks and Sparks) is rumoured to carry the most comfortable underwear on the planet.  You can be sure that some M&S underwear will make an interesting souvenir, in any case!  There are also the random small boutiques hidden away on side streets that make pushing through the massive crowds worthwhile. And plus, no shopping trip to London is complete without a stop into the flagship store of  TopShop , the “the world’s largest fashion store”, at least according to their PR people. This is a store so big that it actually has its own resident DJ. Generally speaking, the crowds here fall in the “under-25” category, as much of the clothing could be categorized as disposable fashion aimed for the teen market. Plus, students get 10% off with their NUS cards.

The top department stores are the famous  Harrods  which is just outside the Knightsbridge tube stop, Harrods has long been a bastion of style and taste in London. It’s a destination for fashonistas and the wealthy, as well as tourists who stop in to gawk. While browsing through the Prada bags and Pucci shoes, don’t miss the giant food hall. Skip the main restaurant – it’s not so good. You don’t have to spend eight pounds on a mini box of wild strawberries to enjoy the experience, although it might be hard to leave without buying a selection of chocolates or a souvenir tin of tea. The Harrods food hall is a reflection of the general opulence of the store, and as strange as it might seem, visitors can easily let an hour slip by while admiring the selection.


Another luxury department store is the pricey  Selfridges  – on Oxford Street – which carries everything trendy, including a vast array of top and more quirky designer labels and has several fashionable eateries, as well as a high quality food department;  Harvey Nichols  also located at Knightsbridge with its vast dedication to designer labels for men, women and children, as well as home-wares , accessories, a food hall, and famous 5th floor restaurant, for ‘ladies who lunch’ and the ever-stylish  Liberty , located in a chic faux-Tudor building, with beautiful wooden atriums, an extremely tasteful selection of top designer clothes and accessories and a world acclaimed vintage and Arts and Crafts furniture department; probably one of the most beautiful, intimate and expensive stores in town, which sells a lot more than just the big labels which everyone’s heard of.

For some serious designer shopping (and people spotting), head to  Bond Street   home to all big designers, jewellers and auction houses, from Prada to Sotherby’s, Cartier to Louis Vuitton, Aspery to Hermes… just see how many Rolls Royces there are parked along the street, and come suitable attired if you want to get past the black-clad store security guards. If you begin on Bond Street at the Oxford Street  end, it will take you down to Piccadilly, a busy thoroughfare with a curious mix of upmarket food stores, like  Fortnum & Mason , the luxurious food department store, with sumptuous and very expensive products, which make lovely gifts, as well as traditional gentlemen’s outfitters, jewellers and embassies and offices.

Vocabulary and Phrases

bargain hunter:a person who looks for a place to buy something at a price that is cheaper than usual

nirvana:a state of freedom from all suffering that Buddhists believe can be achieved by removing all personal wishes

busting at the seams:to be completely full. (Example: When all the family is home the house is bursting at the seams.)

rumoured:used to refer to a fact or piece of news that might be true or invented, and quickly spreads from person to person. (Example: The rumoured stock market crash has yet to take place.)

bastion:something that keeps or defends a belief or a way of life that is disappearing or threatened. (Example: British public schools are regarded as one of the last bastions ofupper-class privilege.)

opulent:expensive and luxurious

atrium:a very large room, often with glass walls or roof, especially in the middle of a large shop or office building

auction:a usually public sale of goods or property, where people make higher and higher bids (= offers of money) for each thing, until the thing is sold to the person who will pay most

attire:clothes, especially of a particular or formal type

sumptuous:luxurious and showing that you are rich. (Example: The celebrity guests turned up dressed in sumptuous eveninggowns.)


Task: Try to write a short passage (about 200 words) to describe famous shopping places in your hometown.

Example:Located near the Meichuan Road, Bailian Zhonghuan Commerce Plaza can be called the most famous shopping mall of the Putuo District in Shanghai.It’s a large-scale comprehensive shopping mall, containing supermarkets, fashion shops, amusement park, restaurants, cinema and KTV.  The plaza has Zoom A, B and C,  you can buy whatever you want there, you can sing with your friends, have dinner together and then go to see a movie, so it’s easy for people to spent the whole day in the mall, enjoying themselves.

Gourmet is the biggest feature there. Firstly,  Meichuan Road is a long gourmet road,  including western restaurants, ranging from the grill, cafe, bakery, ice cream shops to dessert and Chinese food restaurants. Besides, the Food Court in B1 of the plaza is quite good, where you can find a variety of snacks, like milk tea, ice cream, candied fruit, grasping cake, fresh fruit juice. Should especially mention the featured Chinese snacks, including small steamed bun, bean curd jelly, fried dumplings, spring rolls, sticky rice pumkin cakes. All these are quite cheap and delicious.


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