Unit 7 Tourism in China

Have you ever went on travelling? Where is you favourite place?

Watch the video that introduces tourism in China, pay attention to the content….

After watching the video, think about what does it introduce about site seeing in Hangzhou?

Task: Write a summative report of the video, you can pick the part that you are interested of, and to present a itinerary about Hangzhou.

While completing the task, think about:

1). Where is the scenic spot? What is the name of the tour site?

2). The description of the specialty of the scenic spot.

3). The history and background culture about the site, why is it special and attractive ?

Transcript of the video:

Mysterious oriental land, southwest of Shanghai, let’s start our spectacular trip in Hangzhou. Hangzhou, the best tourism city of China, a paradise on earth. The west lake, fusion of red lotus and jade waters, be inspired by the lake’s lyrical charm, as in Su Shi’s old Chinese poems. Hangzhou, ancient capital of China, magnificent Song city, one of China’s eight ancient capitals, whispering of prosperity for thousands of years, tracing the memories of history.On the ancient town of Long Men, leading us back to the past millennium, and all the beautiful legends leaving lasting images in our memory. The sound of bells, the fragrance of incense, monasteries, buddha, carved into memories. Hangzhou, capital of tea, Mei Jia Wu, a bonding in west lake dragon well tea, surrounded by the scent of tea, while enjoy the music of the orient, and appreciating the magical Tai Chi tea. A pound of dragon well tea, take sounds to the heart of Hangzhou. Hangzhou, China’s pharmacy, Hu QingYu hall, repudiates as the king of medicine, in south of the Yangtze river, inheriting the essence of ancient Chinese remedies. Hangzhou, the realm of silk. Hangzhou silk is famous around the world, west lake silk parallize blue light roses, their smooth silky texture, reflects the history of thousand years, this is the start of the silk road. Paradise on earth, fall in love with the beauty of Hangzhou.

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